About us

Spincess, born in the lively heart of Vietnam, by three girls who learnt and became in love with this performance sport. 

"Why is pole dance often perceived as overly sexualized?"

At Spincess, we say it's time to rethink that idea. Pole dance, for us, is like a beautiful ballet on a pole - a graceful dance that shows off strength, boosts flexibility, and amps up your stamina. We're not just about looking sexy. We're all about embracing elegance and class. Imagine pole dance as your everyday ballet - a stunning, graceful dance that celebrates moving your body in amazing ways. We're on a mission to change how people see pole dance.

What sets Spincess apart?

We're not just a brand; we're pioneers in our innovative use of "weird" fabrics - Vietnamese brocade. We're not afraid to try new things, creating clothes with rare pastel colors and strange fabric that are just as dynamic and versatile as your daily moves on the pole.

Our mission is simple - we're here to build a fashion industry that's all about you. Whether you're a dancer, a pole lover, or a ballerina, Spincess is here for you.


I want to make stylish clothes for performances, set trends, and build a community – basically, imagine creating a 'Milan Fashion Week' vibe but just for pole dancers.


Dancers, whether they're into pole, ballet, aerials, or any mesmerizing performance art, deserve more respect, love, and care. Every form of expression through movement can be graceful and beneficial to health; it's not solely about being sexy.


Why limit models to just walking on stage for a fashion show when you can have them dance gracefully? I aim to create sustainable fashion specifically designed for dancers. Spincess journey has just begun, but we're dedicated to delivering the best we can.


Sending you with much love and support on your journey on pole,
Spincess Team.